My Pretty DSLR Camera Strap

My Pretty DSLR Camera Strap

Pretty Little Things:

For all of my photographer friends and camera-gear enthusiast, this blog post is for you. And for anyone in the market for a really pretty DSLR camera strap. When I first bought my camera, I knew I wanted to keep the strap that came with it for a couple of years before I bought a shnazzy strap that showed a bit more personality.

Well, the time had come and I started my Amazon, Etsy, and Google searching to find the perfect neck bling for my camera. I came across a strap made by Cam-in on Amazon. There were only two short positive reviews for the strap but the strap was very reasonably priced, so I took a chance and submitted the order…and I’m glad I did!

I’ve never written a product review, but I was so pleased with this strap, that I wanted to support the company and give some more information for anyone interested in buying a strap from Cam-in. The product name for the strap I got is: “Colorful! Cotton Braided Span/leather Universal Camera Shoulder Neck Strap 8798.” You can find the the strap I got here.

It arrived 11 days after I placed my order through Amazon! All the way from China! It’s estimated arrival time allowed about a month to a month and a half for delivery, so when I got it in the mail yesterday, I was super excited and impressed with the speedy delivery.

This baby has a cute little metal camera charm attached to its comfy strap. And check out this shfancy packaging–complete with instructions on how to attach the strap to your DSLR and extra fittings for your other SLR cameras! I know, right? They thought of everything and put it in a cute package to boot!

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So far, I’m very pleased. It feels sturdy and overall well made. If I run into a problem with its quality, I will post an update. My initial impressions: great product, clever packaging, awesome price, and quick delivery! What more could you ask for? If anyone else bought this or another great camera strap that you want to rave about, leave me a message in the comment section below. I’d love to see and hear about your great finds.