Orr Family Photos

Orr Family Photos

Orr Family Photos:

Meet the Orr Family: Tyler, Brittany, Bella, Westyn, and Wyatt.  I mean, wow! Could they get any cuter!? I had the honor of taking their family photos this year. Here are a few highlights from their outdoor sunset session at Eufaula Cove. I love their color scheme and it matched the quilt I brought perfectly!

(To view the images larger and in all their glory, click here to visit my Flickr photo stream).

Orr Family PhotosOrr Family Photos

Orr Family Pictures

With three little ones, attention is a coveted jewel. So I had my husband come along to help out with being silly behind me… and, boy, was he silly! He got mom and dad laughing, and I think just confused or scared the kids. But we got some of my favorite pictures from their session after his display of craziness behind me. Orr Family Photos

Brittany is one crafty momma who is also a photographer. So she knows the importance of cute photo props and is skilled enough to make them. She made this cute pallet swing for their pictures. How cool is that?! And look how cute they are on it!

Orr Family PicturesOrr Family PhotosOrr Family Photos

Then, as the sun was setting, before the kids tuckered out entirely, we were able to get a few more just-for-fun pictures. 🙂

Orr Family PhotosOrr Family PhotosOrr Family Photos

Thanks again Tyler and Brittany for the honor of taking your family pictures! And I’m glad I was able to do it being this far along in my pregnancy and being a huge, human whale! 😉

For others wanting their family photos taken, hit me up! I’d love to capture your family’s memories for you in photo form!

P.S. (I’m expecting my first baby at the end of October/beginning of November. So, I’m scheduling sessions for after baby comes.)