JaNetta & Adam {engaged}

JaNetta & Adam {engaged}

Fall Engagement: [Woodward Park Tulsa, OK]

Guess who’s getting married?? My sister! And I had the privilege of taking her engagement pictures. And what a lovely time to take them! The day we took pictures was on a gorgeous day with warm(ish) weather, fall colors peeking through the trees, and plenty of beautiful backdrops at Tulsa’s Woodward Park. JaNetta & Adam brought several outfits to get different “looks.” I loved their outfit choices and with the beautiful location of Woodward Park, we were able to match those clothes to fit the scenery. Take a look.  (Oh, and remember, you can always click on the photos to view them larger on my flickr page).

Cute bridges, pretty roses, lovely fountains, fancy columns, and a couple in love:

JaNetta & Adam magazine engagement

JaNetta & Adam {engaged}JaNetta & Adam {engaged}JaNetta & Adam {engaged}JaNetta & Adam {fall engagement}

JaNetta & Adam {fall engagement}

JaNetta & Adam {engaged}

JaNetta & Adam {engaged}JaNetta & Adam {engaged}

JaNetta & Adam {engagement}