JNT Visuals, LLC. is an Oklahoman, home-grown business, specializing in photography and videography. JNT Visuals is located in Tulsa Oklahoma, but frequently travels to meet clients throughout the state of Oklahoma.

About Me:

Project 52, 4/52Hi, I’m JaNiece Thompson. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in advertising, a degree in video production, and a minor in American Sign Language. I’ve always loved photography and have been taking pictures (for profit) since my freshman year at college. I had the privilege of shooting my first wedding during my second year at OSU.

I have what I call a creative, photojournalistic style: meaning, I aim to capture those special moments in a creative, yet timeless way. I love capturing true “moments” that you’ll be proud to frame and hang above the fireplace or in your entryway.

My passion for nature and photography combine in a lot of my portrait photos and can be seen in my fine art shots. I love seeing the beauty in things not normally considered “beautiful.”  I love taking a closer look at things that God has crafted in nature. I know I can’t capture nature’s full beauty in a static, 2D image, but it’s still fun and satisfying to try and capture at least the essence of nature’s grandeur.

Oh..and here are some pictures of my family.

blueberry picking


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